Versa Light Max

A versatile light system for the crime scene and laboratory


The Versa Light Max is two-in-one. On one side there are 15×3-watt LED lamps with white projected light and the other 12×3-watt LED lamps with projected blue light (450-460nm).

Highly versatile and portable, the Versa Light Max can be used to search for shoeprints hand-held or mounted on a telescope handle. The system also includes a light stand designed to facilitate an optimal light source position. The Versa Light Max was designed to maximise photography results.


Versa Light MAX lamp white and blue light (450-460nm)
Rechargeable battery Ni-MH 12v 4 Ah. with belt clip
Battery charger
Plug-in transformer, 120v or 240v
Light stand with ball head for camera mounting
Handle for Versa Light MAX
Telescoping handle for searching shoe prints on floor
Orange attachable viewing filter
Light-reflecting mirror
Diffuser filter
Heavy-duty carrying case

Image describing the properties of Versa Light Max LED light sources