> Lifting SNOW prints

> Casting snow impressions with Snow Print Plaster

Even an impression made in slush can give a good casting

Sift a thin layer of dry Snow Print Plaster onto the impression

Add water to the plaster bucket and stir until it thickens (45-60 seconds). Pour plaster onto the impression.

In cold weather (-10C° or colder), cover the plaster with a newspaper. Let sit for 8-10 minutes, then lift the casting.

> Case Study

We are comparing a suspected shoe to a casting of a snow impression

The casting was made from a week old impression, at -15C°

We see that there are many matching details in the shoe sole and the casting.

> Brushing with Snow Print Powder

We can also brush snow impressions to make the details visible for photography. Snow Print Powder works well with dry and wet snow, and can be used before casting the impression.