Our mission is to assist investigators all over the world in finding the truth.

Research and Development

Kjell makes products that pass the test of his judgement as a forensic investigator. At the heart of this judgement is a belief that products need to be simple and versatile.

Simplicity reduces the risk of mistakes and makes the product cost-effective.

Versatility lets the investigator adapt their tool to the environment. No two evidence objects are the same, and the investigators’ tools should reflect this.

With the right tools, identification can be achieved from even the most nondescript evidence.



The first step is identification. We supply tools to help you uncover traces of evidence in different environments.

When you are visualising an impression, be it toolmarks, finger- or shoeprints, we have several products to make the job easy. MIKROSILTM, is an industry-leading casting agent which creates detailed impressions fast. Where MIKROSILTM is not appropriate, we offer products like Wet PowderTM, MicroTrackTM


Kjell has developed a range of tools to improve the results of evidence photography. The Photo Table is a complete workstation with extreme versatility in terms of position and lighting – all to help you achieve the best result. We also have a compact workstation called the Mini Photo Station for small spaces.

We offer plenty other photography products such as the Versa Light Box, a unique staging and lighting system made to uncover details in smaller evidence objects, and the Evidence Holder which is a versatile staging system for all kinds of evidence.

Some of our photography products have been developed for the crime scene. The Versa Light Max is a portable lighting device with light sources of different wavelengths.