Snow Print Plaster

> Snow Print Plaster

Cast snow impressions with minimal preparation, fast setting time and no heat generation

Works on all types of snow

> Instructions

1. Sift a thin layer of dry Snow Print Plaster onto the impression

2. Add water to the plaster bucket and stir until it thickens (45-60 seconds).

3. As the plaster begins to set, pour it onto the impression. Working time around 30 seconds.

In cold weather (-10C° or colder), cover the plaster with a newspaper.

4. Let sit for 8-10 minutes, then lift the casting.

> Information

For forensic use only. Mixing ratio by volume 50% plaster 50% water. Keep container tightly closed and protect contents from moisture and high humidity.

Caution – Inhalation of powder may be hazardous to your health.

Powder 2.4 kg (3×800 gram)

> Case Study

We are comparing a suspected shoe to a casting of a snow impression

The casting was made from a week old impression, at -15C°

We see that there are many matching details in the shoe sole and the casting.