> Developing fingerprints on non-porous surfaces

Wet PowderTM is our most successful product for developing latent fingerprints on non-porous surfaces

> Using Wet Powder White after CNA + Basic Yellow

Wet Powder White can be used to reveal more information when the result of the standard CNA + Basic Yellow 40 treatment is weak.

Wet Powder White can also be effective when used first in the development process.

Image credit: Maciej Fabiszak.

> Case example: adhesive plastic envelope on parcel

An adhesive envelope attached to a cardboard box is removed using Heptane.

The sticky side of the envelope was treated with Wet Powder Black.

Immediately after brushing, the envelope was rinsed under running water.

One high quality print was secured.

The same method can be applied to the adhesive side of tape, plastic bags, and vinyl gloves.

> Discarded vinyl gloves

A vinyl glove was turned inside out and then discarded.

The glove was blown up using an air pressure pistol.

The glove was brushed with Wet Powder Black and rinsed under water.

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