Photography and Documentation

Evidence Holder

Versatile staging system

Simple and powerful

Versa Light Box

Perfect Lighting

Multiple filters and mirrors

Versa Light Max

Powerful portable lighting

15×3-watt White LED lamps
12×3-watt 450-460 nm LED lamps
Rechargable battery with belt clip
Multiple modes of operation

Photo Table

Universal staging solution

Multiple lighting and mirror systems
Polarisation examinations
Hand-held light sources
Filters and diffusers

Mini Photo Station

Photography in small spaces

Attach lights next to camera
Compatible with Photo Canvas
Effortless height adjustment

Photo Canvas

Natural background

Green, Grey, Black
Neutral, off-white rear side
Hang on wall using two screws
Attach to Photo Table or Mini Photo Station

Scale Stand

Variable height and angle

Up to 50 cm with extension


The table below is not complete yet. We are cataloguing these products.

Lamp FiltersDiffusors, UV
Opal Board
Light SourcesHand-held, Photo Table
Light StandsHeight extensions, space-efficient