Versa Light Box

> Versa Light Box

The Versa Light Box allows rapid changes to the light configuration. Examples are white opal light, dark-field lighting, under light, and episcopal light using a transparent mirror. These following pictures show some examples of how the Versa Light Box can be used to produce photos with consistent quality.

Light Sources

We offer two different light sources: a powerful flashlight, a 3-Watt LED source with diffusor and polarising filters. Both can be mounted on the included stand. Using the stand, you can adjust the height and angle of the light source.


Light Box
Transparent mirror for episcopic technique
Mirror for dark-field lighting technique
Light source with with stand
Extra legs for the box
Handle for the light source
Defuser filter
Fluorescence filter
Power supply 110/220 volt
Covering frames for dark-field lighting
Clear glass plate
Opal light plate
Mirror for opal light technique
Front lens