Brushes and Powders

> Brushes

Hair brush, largeFingerprints and Wet PowderTMSquirrel Hair
Hair brush, smallFingerprints and Wet PowderTMSquirrel Hair
Feather brush blackFingerprintsFeathers
Feather brush whiteFingerprintsFeathers
Magnet applicatorNon-porous surfacesN/A
Fibre BrushFingerprintsGlass fibre

> Powders

Fingerprint Powder BlackFingerprints. 125ml per bottle. Plenty of space to dip brush into bottle.
IW PowderDevelop indented writing. 75 grams per bottle.
Magnetic Powder (black/white/silver)Develop impressions. 1000/3000 grams per bottle.
Wet PowderTMBlack/white. Develop impressions on various surfaces. 250 ml per bottle.
Snow Print PowderShoe impressions set in snow. 250 ml per bottle.