> Electrostatic techniques for lifting dustprints

Learn how we lift dustprints from floors, paper, and cardboard

> Lifting dust prints on FLOORS

Place the lifting film over the prints. Place the eDust+ such that the high voltage connector touches the metallic side of the lifting film, and both ground connectors touch the ground plate
Roll out the film and flatten the surface as you go
With a good ground connection, the film can cover large surfaces
Turn off the eDust+ and cut the film
Tape the end of the film to a cardboard tube and roll it up. The lifted dust is kept safe for storage

> Weak Conductors

It is easy to improve the ground connection if the surface is a weak conductor. This is common with wooden floors.

Place a piece of lifting film with the metallic side down, overlapping the ground plate

> Background Dust

Improve the contrast of the lifted print by removing background dust with a blower or air pressure pistol

> Removing dirt and debris

Prints can still be lifted after removing dirt and debris with a blower
Normally, the blower does not cause damage to the print

> Lifting dustprints on PAPER

Dustprints on paper are often invisible to the naked eye
Use the Lifting Plate to process dustprints at the crime scene
Our new Lifting Plate can be connected to any electrostatic dustprint lifter

> Lifting dust prints on CARDBOARD

Lift shoeprints from cardboard by placing lifting film on both sides and using the cables provided with the eDust+

The film on the rear side acts as the grounding connection

Use tape to attach the film on the rear side

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