Contactless Imaging

> Contactless Fingerprint Imaging

Photograph high quality prints with the Versa Light Box

> Co-axial lighting technique

The Versa Light Box is excellent for contactless imaging. Use the semi-transparent mirror to create a co-axial lighting effect.

To the right you can see two examples of undeveloped fingerprints that have been captured using the Versa Light Box. There is also a light diagram showing the technique.

When taking pictures of a transparent object, like glass, the light absorbing textile should be placed under the object.
The first picture shows a fingerprint on a piece of glass, photographed in the Versa Light Box using the coaxial lighting technique.
In the second picture the same technique has been used to photograph a fingerprint on a plastic debit card.
The third picture describes the coaxial lighting technique.

> Dark-field lighting

The Versa Light Box also supports Dark-field lighting photography.

To the right there is a diagram describing the dark-field lighting technique.

There are also two example images of fingerprints on glass, taken with the Versa Light Box.

The versa light box can do a lot more