eDust+ Lifting Plate

> eDust+ Lifting Plate

Lift dustprints from documents immediately upon discovery at the crime scene with the eDust+ Lifting Plate

> Process Dustprints at the Scene

Examine documents as soon as they are uncovered at the scene

Avoid cataloguing and transporting documents without dustprints

The eDust+ Lifting Plate can be used with any dustprint unit

1. Connect the double cable to the dustprint unit and the alligator clip to the ground connection of the Plate. Connect the red cable with the high voltage probe to the eDust+ unit. Put the discovered paper sheet(s) onto the Lifting Plate and cover with lifting film

2. Charge the lifting film with the high voltage probe and use the plastic flattener to remove air bubbles

3. Discharge the lifting film with the black probe (currently connected to the ground via the double cable) to eliminate electrical shocks

4. Put the lifting film under low oblique lighting to examine and photograph the results

> Contents

1. One Acrylic Plate with aluminium ground (520 x 420 mm / 20,5 x 16,5 in)
2. One light weight carrying case
3. One double cable with yellow alligator clips for ground connection and a black probe for discharging the lifting film

Total weight 1 kg (2.2 pounds)

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