> Photo Canvas


The Photo Canvas can easily be mounted onto the Mini Photo Station and the Photo Table or onto walls.

The canvases are sold in three different colors: grey, green and black. Each canvas has a rear side with an off-white color. The rear side may also be used as a background for photography.

> Install Canvas on Photo Table and Mini Photo Station

To install Canvas on the Photo Table and Mini Photo Station. Then you need the Canvas fabric, the Rail holder plate, three hand-tightened nuts and the rail for the Canvas. To mount Canvas on wall, you only need two screws for the wall, Canvas fabric and the rail for Canvas.

How to prepare Canvas. Insert the Canvas rail through the opening in the fabric as shown in the picture.

Remove the two Wing nut from the camera mount on the Photo Table stand. If you use the Mini Photo Station it is same manner to remove the camera mount.

When the camera mount is removed, install the Canvas Mount Rail plate.

After that Re fit the camera mount and hang on the Canvas Rail as shown in the picture.

When the rail is in place. Fit the three nuts and tighten the nuts by hand.

Here is the result when the Canvas is installed on Photo Table.

> Photo Canvas onto wall

Place the Canvas Rail against the wall and adjust it to the table where it will sit and use the Canvas Rail as a template. Mark the two holes with a pencil on the wall for the screws on both sides of the Canvas.

Now we have put screws in the wall on both sides of the canvas rail. Attach the canvas rail on the screws.

Here is the result when the Canvas is on the wall