> Vacuum Box Model A

For developing shoeprints on paper and indented writing

Collect all papers found on a crime scene, even if you cannot see any prints. It is a great chance that you will find traces that you cannot see but that you can develop with Vacuum Box.

> Indented writing

Place the document on top of the vacuum plate. Use tweezers to handle the document because fresh fingerprints may also be developed.

Cover the document and vacuum plate
with the clear Type IW plastic film.                                        

Switch on the vacuum pump and smooth the plastic film with a cotton ball to eliminate all wrinkles and air gaps.

Charge the plastic film with the Corona unit                       
for 10 to 15 seconds.


Use a fingerprint brush and the developing powder to develop the indented writing traces.

Apply the powder to the plastic film just as if you were dusting for fingerprints.

Brush gently back and forth and you will see the image appear. Brush as necessary to develop each word.

To save the image, cover it with a piece of
the adhesive film.

For good adhesion, rub the surface with a piece of cotton wool.

Remove the adhesive film from the IW plastic film. 

There will be no damage to the original document.