> Vacuum Board


This method can be used if the paper is wrinkled. Vacuum Board flattens the paper so that you can use Mikrosil as a lifting method to get a good result.

Easy to use. A traditional vacuum cleaner is used to create a vacuum in the Board.

> Vacuum Box for lifting Footprint

Here is an example for lifting a footprint. Start by connecting a vacuum cleaner to the Vacuum Board pipe connection and switch on the vacuum cleaner

Place the paper from the crime scene on the Vacuum Board and the paper wants to stretch out.

To make the paper adhere better to the Vacuum Board.

Cover the remaining surface with paper over the area not to be used. It is to get a good vacuum under the surface of the paper.

To save shoe prints, start by cutting out silicon paper for the foot print.

The paper must overlap the entire shoe impression

Tape the silicon paper to one side and attach it to the floor next to the footprint so the paper can lie still.

Press the Mikrosil and Hardener out of the tube and here you can see the mixture amount

Mix the base material and hardener quickly until a uniform color results. Limit mixing time to 20-30 sec.

Apply the mixture on the floor behind the of the footprint.

Roll out the silicon paper over the mixture with the rolling pin

Continue Roll out the mixture as evenly as possible over the whole surface footprint.
Let it harden 10 to 15 minutes. Be patient it is better to wait a little longer.

Now just grab the silicon paper and pull it off that from the paper and the footprint is stuck in the Mikrosil mixture and ready for the Photo Table