> Snow Print PLaster

For casting impressions in snow at the crime scene

Snow impressions at the crime scene. Cast snow impressions with minimal preparation, fast setting time and no heat generation

Works on all types of snow

> Creates a casting impressions in snow

A footprint in the snow is difficult to see pattern of the impression.

Here we have a suspected shoe for a casting of a snow impression. The casting was made from a week old snow impression, at -15C°

The technique works best on wet melting snow but also provides adequate results on cold frozen snow.

To Lifting the impression can be easily done.
First put a thin layer of dry Snow powder on the impression.

The powder will stack neatly on top of the surface of
the impression.

Immediately after sifting, start mixing plaster. Add water to the plaster Mixing ratio by volume 50% plaster 50% water. 
Mixing using a spoon and stiruntil the mixture starts thickening (45 – 60 sec)

When the mixture starts to set, pour directly into the impression, working time approx. 30 sec.

At low temperature cover the poured plaster with newspaper.

The cast can be lifted after 8–10 minutes.

Look what a difference now you can see the impression clearly and now the footprint is secured.

You can se Individual marks in the sole correspond to details in the plaster casting

For photographing shoe prints in snow. We have another product called Snow Print Powder.