> Evidence  Holder 

For Forensic  Photography

Our evidence holder is an excellent aid for photographing
fingerprints and other types of microscope marks on different kind
of evidence

1. Stage for X-Y (cog operations) circular and tilt movements
2. Stage for X-Y movment, (manual) circular and tilt movements
3. Shoe Holder for mounting on the Stage
4. Ground plate for mounting on the Stage
5. Two parts for for mounting on the Grounding plate for making a Vise   
6. Screw clamp for for mounting on the Grounding plate
7. Magnet profile for mounting on top of stage
8. Stainless reverse tweezers with removeable silicone tips
9. two bar clamps for mounting on Magnet Profile
10. Scale stand 30 cm scale adjustable height up to 60 cm


> Holders flexibility

1. Stage holder for X-Y (cog operations) circular and tilt movements Is mounted on a stable 360 degree
circular movement and 90 degree.


6. Magnetic Profile can be used for magnetic objects for example a Knife with fingerprint evidence. Magnetic Profile is fixed on stage holder.

3. The shoe holder is easy to adjust for different shoe sizes with a screw under the profile.


3. A shoe is attached to Shoe Holder that sits on the stage holder for photographing shoe soles.

4. Ground plate can be used for example a bottle with fingerprint evidence is fixed with a rubber band on the Ground plate.

4. The Vise parts are mounted on the ground plate.
A gun is fixed with the vise for photographing the fingerprint evidence.

7. Heavy objects such as Hammer can fixed with the two bar clamps mounting on the Magnet profile for photographing fingerprint evidence


A example one Screwdriver can fixed with Screw              
clamp mounting on the Ground plate for
photographing such as a fingerprint evidence.