Mikrosil - a casting material for forensic use - is manufactured in four different colors

Casting Tool marks:

If you use Brown or Gray MIKROSIL we promise an excellent result. MIKROSIL is designed by a criminalist for criminalists. It has been formulated to give the best rendering of small details, highest contrast for microscopical observations, good releasing and short setting time even in cold weather. These properties are of special importance, in cases of very shallow marks and with small details, requiring large magnification.

Lifting fingerprints and  shoeprints:

The use of White or Black MIKROSIL for this type of evidence can sometimes be the best and outstanding method. All crime scene investigators have had to deal with the situation of trying to lift a latent print from an object with a textured surface or a relief pattern. Usually, a latent print would be lifted with adhesive tape, but on textured surface, the tape does not adhere well. The powdered print will be on the raised parts where the tape adheres well and on the lower parts of the surface where the tape will not make good contact, if any at all. If you use MIKROSIL, White for dark powder and Black for light and fluorescent powder, to lift this type of prints, you will not have any problems - all parts of the print will be lifted.

Even powdered shoeprints can be lifted with MIKROSIL. The picture below shows a comparison of a shoeprint lifted with White MIKROSIL and the suspected shoe.

Shoeprint in blood                          Comparison of the shoeprint, powdered
                                                      and lifted with White Mikrosil

Material Safety Data Sheet:
Mikrosil, base
Mikrosil, hardener





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